2ab is learning a new tense!

2ab is currently learning a new tense – the PRESENT CONTINUOUS! This tense describes the actions that happen at the moment of speaking, so the best way to learn this tense was to write postcards from our summer holidays. Miss Oraže and Miss Schwarz showed the students how to write it by sending a postcard from their summer holidays. Then it was the students’ turn and they did very well. It was a lot of fun to hear about the students’ summer but also to learn the new tense in a very communicative way. Here are some of the results:  


Dear Julian,  

I am sitting on a beach in Italy. I am sweating a lot. My dad is sleeping. My mother and my sister are swimming. I am Drinking a cold limo.  

See you seen, Daniel 


Dear Miss Oraže,  

I am sitting in a restaurant. The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining. My family and I are artingour lunch and drinking orange juice. We are having a lot of fun.  

See you soon, Lara-Marie